Monday, June 4, 2012

Picks 13-18

The White Sox used the thirteenth overall pick on Courtney Hawkins, a right-handed outfielder from Carrol High School in Texas.  A college arm was thought to go here, but Hawkins fell a little further than Chicago probably expected and the White Sox jumped at the opportunity.  He has fantastic batt speed and arm strength while being a fantastic athlete at 6'2", 210.  A future corner outfielder, he has a long ways to go but could be ready as soon as 2015.
Grade: A-

With the fourteenth selection, the Reds selected Nirck Travieso, right-handed pitcher from Archbishop McCarthy High School in Florida.  He's a full-bodied power pitcher that pitches aggressively.  There are some questions of whether he is a future starter or reliever, but it's probably too early to tell right now.  It's going to come down to how well he picks up the breaking ball and off-speed stuff.  Honestly, I think the Reds were really trying to save money with this pick and left some polished college arms on the shelf with this pick.
Grade: C+

The Indians used the fifteenth pick on left-handed outfielder Tyler Naquin from Texas A&M University.  He's a very good athlete with a fantastic arm.  Can he stick in centerfield?  I'm not sure.  His contact skills should carry him through the system while the power will be a question mark.  I'm very surprised that college pitchers haven't been more heavily pursued, but position players continue to be a hot commodity.
Grade: B-

The Nationals used the sixteenth selection of the draft on Lucas Giolito, a right-handed pitcher from Harvard-Westlake High School in California.  He was considered a much higher pick before the season, but an elbow injury dropped him from a likely top three selection to a mid first-rounder.  If he gets right, he could be the best player from this draft class.  His stuff is that incredible.  Comps are dangerous, but Verlander and Halladay are nice company.  The real question is whether or not he returns from injury as the power pitcher he has been in the past.  Boom or bust pick all the way.
Grade: B+

With the seventieth selection, the Blue Jays selected BJ Davis, outfielder from Stone High School in Mississippi.  he very well may be the fastest player in the draft and is a definite center fielder.  He has some pop considering his size, but his arm isn't spectacular.  Davis has solid contact skills and definite defensive ability as he covers a lot of ground.  Not my favorite pick, but it's what was expected of the Jays all along.  Another risk/reward player.
Grade: B-

Eighteenth overall, the Dodgers selected right-handed shortstop Corey Seager from Northwest Cabbarus High School in North Carolina.  Likely a third baseman at the next level, he can hit to all fields already and his power has come along in his senior year.  His brother Kyle is the starting third baseman for the Mariners right now, and Corey is considered much more physical with the potential to hit for more power than his impressive brother.  This was a good pick for the Dodgers, although I would have loved to see them take a player like Michael Wacha here.
Grade: B

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