Monday, June 4, 2012

Picks 9-12

The ninth pick belonged to the Marlins, who used it on Andrew Heaney, left-handed pitcher from Oklahoma State University.  He's been the ace of the Cowboys for three years and simply knows how to pitch.  He doesn't have the velocity of others in the draft, but should be able to come up quickly and contribute sooner rather than later.  I don't see him as a front of the rotation guy, but he will be ready to slot in as the Marlins' a number three starter in short order.
Grade: B

With the tenth pick, the Rockies selected left-handed outfielder David Dahl from Oak Mountain High School in Alabama.  He's a big kid with good speed, a solid bat and good contact skills.  If he can't stick in centerfield, he'll surely be able to make it work in right, but the bat profiles better in center.  Another high risk/high reward pick that should be a fun player to track through the minors.
Grade: B

The A's used their first pick, eleventh overall, to selected right-handed shortstop Addison Russel from Pace High School in Florida.  There are questions of whether he can stick at short because of his weight, but he has the power bat that profiles at the hot corner.  Russel is the first high schooler selected in the first round by the A's in the last five years, proving how much they like this kid.  He has excellent pop and solid contact skills meaning that he should be a quick mover if he can keep the strikeouts down while moving through the Athletics' system.  Risky pick, but high upside.
Grade: B-

The twelfth pick was used by the Mets to select right-handed shortstop Gavin Ceccini from Barbe High School in Louisiana.  I'm very high on this kid as he has the glove to stick at short long term.  He is a great athlete with excellent speed and contact skills.  Power is really the only knock on his game, but by sticking at short he won't be expected to hit bombs.  This is a very good pick as the Mets are thin on this type of talent.
Grade: A

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