Monday, June 4, 2012

Picks 18-24

The Cardinals selected right-handed pitcher Michael Wacha from Texas A&M University.  Wacha's drop on the draft board is the Cardinals' gain.  He's polished, has an ideal pitcher's frame (especially if he fills out a little) and knows how to pitch.  His ceiling isn't the highest, but he could be a two or three starter for the Cardinals in just a matter of years.  If Wacha develops effectiveness with the slider and/or curve, he could be excellent.
Grade: B+

With the twentieth pick overall, the Giants chose Chris Stratton, a right-handed pitcher from Mississippi State University.  Another polished arm without the highest ceiling in the world, Stratton should be a contributor for the Giants sooner rather than later.  He knows how to pitch and has a good feel for three pitches.  He sits low-to-mid 90's with the fastball while also having feel for the breaking ball and off-speed stuff.  Solid choice here for the Giants.
Grade: B

The Braves used the twenty-first pick of the draft to select right-handed Lucas Sims from Brookwood High School in Georgia.  With the pitching depth that the Braves have, I would have liked to have seen them select a position player.  With that said, Sims could have a very high ceiling as a starter.  His value really falls, in my opinion, if he gets moved to the bullpen.  He'll have every chance to stick as a starter, though, and the Braves have been known to develop a prospect or two.  Keep your eyes peeled on his progress.
Grade: B-

The Blue Jays used their second first-round pick, twenty-second overall, to select right-handed pitcher Marcus Stroman from Duke University.  Stroman was falling fast, but is has the best stuff of any pitcher in this draft.   There are suggestions that if he signs quickly, he could be a big league contributor this fall.  Although he's only 5'9", Stroman possess great feel and has plenty of velocity to get big-league hitters out.  This very well may be the steal of the draft.  Fantastic pick at a great spot in the draft.
Grade: A

With the twenty-third pick overall, and their second of the first round, the Cardinals chose , a left-handed outfielder James Ramsey from Florida State University.  He had a huge senior year for the Seminoles and improved his draft stock big time.  He is a leader on the field and a solid player all around, but no part of his game really jumps out at you.  If he sticks in center field, his value increases big time.  If not, you may have to move him to second base since his bat doesn't profile with the power needed to play at a corner position.  The Cardinals just got a good baseball player, albeit not an elite prospect.
Grade: B

Pick number twenty-four belonged to the Red Sox and they used it to select Devin Marrero, a right-handed shortstop from Arizona State University.  I'm not sold on his bat in the least, but his glove is legit and he won't have to be an amazing hitter to have excellent value.  The Red Sox are clearly not sold on their other high-profile shortstops in their organization, and while Marrero has a high defensive ceiling, he may not have much in the way of offense.  Not a great pick, in my opinion, given the players in their system currently and Marrero's offensive question marks.
Grade: C

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